At the OPEN HOUSE meeting on Saturday at the Firehouse, the Alford MLP and Whip City Fiber ( our Network Operator / ISP) jointly launched the Broadband program to Alford homeowners. Signing-up is as easy as 1, 2 , 3:

 1.)  Most Alford homeowners have already done this, but if you haven’t, send in your Property Access Form – use the link below or call Joe Nicolosi @ (413) 528-3965 to have one mailed to you (leave your name, address & Phone #).

2.)  Log on to to sign up for either:

·      Just a Service Drop to your home, or

·      A Service Drop plus an Internet subscription.

Note: If you cannot go on-line just call: 833 923 2255

 3.)  A Customer Service Representative will call you to discuss: details of your particular service drop, estimate the installation costs and schedule a visit. 


Very Important:

     If you sign up during the initial installation period, Spring 2018, the Alford MLP will provide all the materials and $200 toward labor for the Service Drop installation.

  Also, if you subscribe for AlfordLink monthly Internet service during the Initial Install Period ( Spring 2018), the Alford MLP will provide a free “Standard In-house Installation” valued at $375 per home.

Please note: is very important to understand that these incentives are only available to Alford homeowners that have Signed-up while the installation crews are in your your area.  They do not apply if the crews have to be mobilized at a later time. There is no cost or obligation for signing-up and work will only be performed after speaking with a Customer Service Representative and your approval.


Pricing for the AlfordLink monthly subscriptions are:

·      $110 for Internet, and

·      Optional $12.95 + fees & tax for VOIP Phone. 

·      No contracts are required, and

·       Snowbird rates drop to $74/ for months the Internet service is not used (which is just MLP expenses, and not ISP charges for service).


Links to additional details and information are provided below:

Sign-up for Service Drop / AlfordLink Internet Service:


Alford MLP Service Drop Policy:


AlfordLink Internet /VOIP  and Pricing:


Frequently Asked Questions: