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The Alford MLP has engaged Infinigy Solutions, LLC, as our contractor to begin construction of the Alford Fiber-to-the Home network!

Operating throughout the country, Infinigy ( is a professional services company focused on expanding the development and implementation of technical solutions throughout the telecommunications industry.

As a result of this decision, the Alford MLP is now able to outline the next steps toward providing high-speed Internet to our town, along with a rough estimate of the timing. In broad terms there are five remaining steps – the last three require dialogue with the homeowner:

1.)   Prepare the Equipment Shelter, power sources & electronics.

2.)   Construct the Fiber-Optic Distribution Network along Alford’s roadways.

3.)   Install the Fiber-Optic “Service Drops” to homes.

4.)   Provide Sign-Up opportunity for Subscribers.

5.)   Finalize the Internet Activation install in the home. 

1.)   Equipment Shelter – Concrete structure, backup generator & power supplies are on order. Installation is to be scheduled. The electronics within this POP (Point of Presence) shelter connects our town’s Fiber-Optic Distribution Network to the Internet via the Mass Broadband “Middle Mile.”

2.)   Fiber-Optic Distribution Network (“Backbone”) – Run along utility poles and underground to enable connection to every property in our town. Infinigy Solutions will begin work next week, and lasting about two months (weather dependent).

3.)   Service Drops to Homes - Connects a “splice point” on the backbone to a Network Interface Device (NID) mounted on the home. The Alford MLP is currently in negotiations with a contractor for this process. When selected, the contractor will be in contact with the homeowner to discuss design details for the service drop to the home. Timing for this step is expected to be early 2018, but is yet to be determined – we will advise everyone as soon as additional detail is available. The “Alford MLP Service Drop Policy” describes how the process will proceed. There are three installation possibilities:

a.     The service drop will be installed in existing conduit at no charge to the homeowner provided the conduit is suitable and no more than 300 feet from the nearest pole to the home.

b.     The service drop will be installed parallel to overhead power and telephone lines at no charge to the homeowner if the total fiber run is no more than 300 feet.

c.     If service drop is longer than 300 feet, or existing conduit is not suitable, the contractor will discuss options and costs with the homeowner before proceeding. Such arrangements will be by separate agreement between the homeowner and the contractor.

4.)   Subscriber Sign-Up – For homeowners interested in signing up for Internet and optional Voice Over Internet Phone (VoIP) service, the Alford MLP will provide information about the services being offered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) as soon as these details are available. The Alford MLP will also arrange information sessions describing options and costs. The Alford MLP expects this process may start in December, 2017.

5.)  Internet Activation – For homeowners who have signed up for service, the MLP will arrange for installation of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in the home and activation of the contracted Internet and optional VoIP services.  The MLP expects to start activating subscribers by Spring 2018.

MLP Board Members                     Volunteer Consultants to the Board

Bruce Forster                                                   Clark Downs -- Industry

Jim Hall                                                          Jay Weintraub -- Finance

Bob Lichter, Chair                                                        

Joe Nicolosi

Peter Puciloski


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