We are pleased to announce the commencement of Project “AlfordLink “,  our  “Community Owned Fiber To The Home” (FTTH) network.  The much-anticipated start is occurring on several fronts:


-  The Alford MLP is negotiating with a potential Network Operator / Internet Service Provider (NO/ISP).  We will provide further information regarding the progress of these talks, and next steps, in our next monthly newsletter.

-  The Alford MLP has made application for insurance covering the AlfordLink physical assets (Fiber & Electronics).

In the weeks ahead, the MLP anticipates taking the following steps:

1.     Electronics Equipment Shelter – The concrete Point ­Of Presence (POP) shelter drawings are complete. The shelter is being fabricated and will be delivered and placed by mid-January. The MLP is preparing a requisition for the network electronics to be installed within the POP shelter. Detailed plans are in place to provide power to the site, and for generator back-up.

2.     Fiber Optic Distribution Network (“Backbone”) – Infinigy will continue installation of the FTTH network for about two months, with the timing largely dependent on the weather.  Let’s hope for a mild winter!

3.     Service Drops to homes - The MLP expects within the next month to engage a contractor to install the service drops needed to connect individual residences to the backbone network.  The contractor will be in direct contact with each homeowner to discuss design details for the service drops. The “Alford MLP Service Drop Policy” describes how we expect the process to work. The MLP will provide further information on connecting to AlfordLink as soon it is available. Meanwhile, If you are not going to be in town in early 2018, then please arrange a local contact to act in your behalf. You can advise us of the local contact through the “” website or directly through this link: Homeowner Alternate Contact.

4.     Subscriber Sign-Up – We’re not quite there yet, but when the time comes, the Alford MLP will provide information regarding the services being offered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  We will also arrange information sessions describing: options, costs, and answer your questions.

5.     Internet Activation – For those who chose to subscribed for Internet service, the MLP will arrange for installation of an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in the home and activation of Internet and optional VoIP services.  The MLP expects to begin activating subscribers by Spring 2018.

MLP Board Members                     Volunteer Consultants to the Board

Bruce Forster                                                   Clark Downs -- Industry

Jim Hall                                                          Jay Weintraub -- Finance

Bob Lichter, Chair                                                        

Joe Nicolosi

Peter Puciloski


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