AlfordLink is now ready to be connected to individual residences, and your MLP Board knows that Alford residents are eager to have service made available throughout the town.  We share that desire, of course. 

 Establishing service at each residence will be a two-step process -- construction of an aerial or underground connection (“service drop”) to the house, and installation inside the house of the equipment needed to provide Internet access to your equipment, e.g., computer, tablet, cell phone or Smart TV

 We have already successfully connected a handful of test locations with amazing results.  We’re pleased to report that our contractor, Sertex, will start more broadly constructing outside service drops during the week of June 24.  Don’t be surprised if you see Sertex workers on your property.  When you see “bucket trucks” working on the side of the road please slow down so that we can assure our contractors’ safety. By the way, for aerial service drops you don’t have to be home during this process, but you will need to be present for existing or new underground connections to be made. 

 Sertex hopes to install as many as 10 outside drops per day – for both aerial drops and in existing conduit.  Construction of new conduit will take longer but those connections should begin soon.  The target date for completion of all outside drops is the end of July, according to Sertex.  That said, experience has shown us that target dates can slip because of bad weather and other unpredictable events that present themselves and can cause unexpected delays. We ask for your patience and understanding as we press the AlfordLink project to completion.

 Once the outside drop to a residence is completed, the inside hook-up will follow.  Sertex expects to be able to install an average of three per day.  There will necessarily be a lag between completion of the service drop and the inside installation at each house, perhaps by two weeks or more.  Timing of the work on drops and inside equipment installation in the town as a whole will overlap.  Sertex has committed to sending additional personnel to Alford as needed to meet the demand for inside installations, activity that will be ramping up in August.  

 Putting all this together, we expect that some residents will have service starting in July and August, and service will spread throughout the town to completion by mid-October.  The pace of the work cannot be estimated with complete certainty at this time.  However, we are committed to, and have worked toward completing the AlfordLink project, as expeditiously as possible, while maintaining the quality of the results.  We will continue to keep you apprised of our progress.

And, finally, to those who have not yet signed up -- please do so at

MLP Board                            Consultants

Bruce Forster                          Jay Weintraub

Jim Hall                                   Clark Downs

Joe Nicolosi

Tim Ortwein

Peter Puciloski         

It's Alive, It's Alive!!!

AlfordLink is live, and the results we've heard back from our beta testers in town are gratifying.  They're experiencing very fast download and upload speeds of the fiber network, of up to and sometimes in excess of 900 mbts.

 FYI -- The very first communication over AlfordLink was a repeat of the famous first communication from Alexander Graham Bell -- "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you."  A fitting start to our next generation communication service!

 Here's what two happy Alfordians on West Road had to say about the service:

 "Our fiber was installed yesterday and WOW! It really makes a difference, even with mundane tasks like accessing bank accounts. Finally, we have Internet service that's not just merely serviceable, but a joy to use. Much appreciation to you and everyone who has worked on this project over the years!"   -    Ruth Shepard

 “The fiber is great!  What a leap forward from my old satellite service.  And Eddie the installer is a gem.  Alford is fortunate to have him on the job.  So competent, so neat, and such a nice person.  So far Alford Link is all we had hoped for!”- Henry Flint

Sign up now for your super fast Internet service.  A note of caution, though -- the rollout of service to the entire town will take a few months, and likely will not be completed until September.  So you may have to wait longer than you or we like, but be aware that great service is close to reality for everyone.  

MLP Board            Consultants

Bruce Forster          Clark Downs

Jim Hall                Jay Weintraub

Joe Nicolosi

Tim Ortwein

Peter Puciloski

   Previous News about the OPEN HOUSE:

At the OPEN HOUSE meeting on Saturday at the Firehouse, the Alford MLP and Whip City Fiber ( our Network Operator / ISP) jointly launched the Broadband program to Alford homeowners. Signing-up is as easy as 1, 2 , 3:

 1.)  Most Alford homeowners have already done this, but if you haven’t, send in your Property Access Form – use the link below or call Joe Nicolosi @ (413) 528-3965 to have one mailed to you (leave your name, address & Phone #).

2.)  Log on to to sign up for either:

·      Just a Service Drop to your home, or

·      A Service Drop plus an Internet subscription.

Note: If you cannot go on-line just call: 833 923 2255

 3.)  A Customer Service Representative will call you to discuss: details of your particular service drop, estimate the installation costs and schedule a visit. 


Very Important:

     If you sign up during the initial installation period, Spring 2018, the Alford MLP will provide all the materials and $200 toward labor for the Service Drop installation.

  Also, if you subscribe for AlfordLink monthly Internet service during the Initial Install Period ( Spring 2018), the Alford MLP will provide a free “Standard In-house Installation” valued at $375 per home.

Please note: is very important to understand that these incentives are only available to Alford homeowners that have Signed-up while the installation crews are in your your area.  They do not apply if the crews have to be mobilized at a later time. There is no cost or obligation for signing-up and work will only be performed after speaking with a Customer Service Representative and your approval.


Pricing for the AlfordLink monthly subscriptions are:

·      $110 for Internet, and

·      Optional $12.95 + fees & tax for VOIP Phone. 

·      No contracts are required, and

·       Snowbird rates drop to $74/ for months the Internet service is not used (which is just MLP expenses, and not ISP charges for service).


Links to additional details and information are provided below:

Sign-up for Service Drop / AlfordLink Internet Service:


Alford MLP Service Drop Policy:


AlfordLink Internet /VOIP  and Pricing:


Frequently Asked Questions: