Alford, MA Municipal Lighting Plant Board


Tim Ortwein   

Tim was born and raised on Long Island, but grew up in Alford.  His family has been here for nearly 40 years now and Tim and his wife Alicia along with their Son Chris, moved to Alford full time in the fall of 2017. Prior to moving back, Tim had a successful career in Law Enforcement.  After graduating college, Tim joined a Sheriff’s Office in Northern Virginia where he rose to the rank of Detective First Class.  Tim spent 7 years working Financial and Computer related crimes before being placed in charge of designing, building and managing the county’s computer forensics unit.  Tim studied and graduated from the U.S. Secret Service, Computer Forensics Institute where he studied advanced cell phone forensics and was certified as a Network Intrusion Expert.  Tim went on to investigate multiple network intrusion cases in the Metro Washington DC region while assigned to the U.S. Secret Service ECTF (Electronic Crimes Task Force) and the Metro Washington U.S. Customs and Border Protection HIDTA Task Force.  Tim then joined the Virginia Attorney General’s Office as a Financial Crimes/ Computer Forensics expert where he assisted with criminal investigations and network intrusion cases throughout the Commonwealth.  Following retirement, Tim and his family moved to Alford.  Tim was elected to the MLP Board in 2018 and hopes to serve the community he so loves.  He and family are enjoying the beautiful Berkshire weather while designing and building their house on Green River Road.